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Utah Fishing

Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work and Utah knows it. This list of the top fishing spots will help you find the best places to unwind and catch a few fish.

Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery - Drop your line and get ready to real in a beautiful trout. The Hatchery supplies the trout for waterways of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Green River -As one of the premier trout fishing locations in the world, anglers come from everywhere to cast their lines here. In fact, surveys have recorded as many as 20,000 trout per mile in its upper regions. Fish such as the cutthroat, brown and rainbow are known for being an average of 15 inches long.

Flaming Gorge- Fly fishing at its most exciting; this 91 mile lake offers plenty of opportunities to catch an abundance of beautiful fish.

In the St. George region, be sure to check out these great fishing locations: Skyline Pond, Tawa Ponds, Stratton Pond, Quail Creek Reservoir, Pine Valley Mountain, Baker Reservoir and Gunlock Reservoir.

Starvation State Park - Here you will find a variety of outdoor adventures, but one of the favorites is the fishing. With 23 miles of shoreline and the Starvation Reservoir, you are sure to catch all the bass, walleye and other species of fish you could possibly want!

Red Cloud/Dry Fork Scenic Backway - Just outside of Vernal, you will find the Ashley National Forest. Known for its Alpine lakes and streams, this is popular place among the anglers.

If you are looking for an opportunity to go ice fishing, then head to Lake Flaming Gorge, Steineker State Park, Red Fleet State Park, or Starvation State Park where you can angle for blue ribbon winning fish.

One of Utah’s most aesthetically pleasing streams is the Strawberry River. You will find browns, rainbows, cutthroats, and brookies.

The streams and rivers of Boulder Mountain offer brookies, rainbows, cutthroats, and sterile hybrids such as splake, tiger trout, and brake (male brown–female lake).

Provo River is a favorite for many; you will find wild browns and stocked rainbows and cutthroats.

Photo Credits: Utah Stream Picture by makelessnoise; Brownie by Zach Taylor